as if

as if it was not completely [censored] awesome at the potholes yesterday! apparently next week is supposed to be nicer than this week .. by nicer, i mean hotter. which means, by next week, i will be more sookepotholesier.

myself and richard went up to The Place (repple rock) which features a Tire Swing and a sweet natural swimming area. as you can see below, the Tire Swing detail of the location was being utilized properly:

a big version is available by clicky-clicking. there. i just broke my own usability rule by telling you to click. are you happy? damnit.. you should always mouse over my images to see if you can click, or to see if something else is there. got it?! i am never saying click again. until.. never!

awwwwwwwwwww yeah. look how bent that tree is. look at the vert. YES!

this place is home of the skipping rocks. i am serious. the whole beach is made out of them.. and you can swim out to this sandbarish thing which is basically composed of them.

the depth of field is slightly off here but you should get the idea. awesome rocks everywhere. we stayed a lot longer than i thought we would.. this part of the potholes stays light a good couple hours longer than the rest of the potholes, which mainly lay in a canyon. this part of the potholes features a wide open valley between canyons. bonus!

the (long) road back to the parking lot is made of gravel. some asshole in an SUV drove past us at about 40 kmph and created a dustcloud that rose about 40 feet up in the air.. and happened to produce the necessary elements for this image.
thank you, jerk.

and this mark of ugliness is being preserved by a fence, some trailers and a white Dog which i refuse to show here. if they did not fence off the Lodge, i could have shown you some seriously rad angles. i am not sure when i will have this opportunity again.. alas!
i intend to go to the potholes more this summer. if you know me and are interested, message me and we will hook this up. seriously, it is sweet. you will not regret it.

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  1. I went to the potholes for the first time on sunday… but we went to this one place that wasn’t that great, the water was really really cold and there was no sun at all. how far up the road is this repple rock place time-wise? i’d be willing to hike it up but i doubt my friends would ><

  2. when I get back from calgary on the 31st perhaps I will give you a ring’a’ling and see if I may tag along with you to these holes of pottyness. could be fun! weeeeeeeeeeeee. oh and nice pictures and stuff:)

  3. “i just broke my own usability rule”
    you mean design rule? personally, i like it when people tell me i can click on something. rollovers == nice design but easy to miss.

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