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so in one sphere of reality, you have the global underground messageboard and their producer scene. and here they are, messing with eachother and washing their dirty laundry in public:
Bill Hamel (Technology / Sunkissed Records owner) and BT’s Soapbox Fiasco.
people arguing about.. well, to be honest, i read the first 2 pages of the thread and then i had enough. if i was bored enough, it probably would have been really hilarious. i talk to Roman on IRC every now and then, and Hamel as well. it’s not as if either of them need anyone to take sides.. i think most of the traffic in the thread is people egging them both on. i didn’t read enough to find out whether or not BT got in on the thread itself as well.

and on the other hand, you have this tight little local scene of producers in the small little sphere of victoria (and a bit from vancouver). i made a list of local producers whose quality music we have played on the radio in the last 2 months, and it’s rather large. in fact, here, have a look at the message from the message board:
that’s pretty cool actually. when i first started on cfuv 4 years ago, there was very little in terms of local music which was playable. these days, we are faring far better and it’s really quite cool. we now have a complete scene.

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  1. i think it’s totally great resonance is promoting so many local artists — i think it’s what sets the show apart. i particularly like hearing the interviews with the local producers. it’s neat to hear what the people behind the music sound like, what their influences are, where they’re headed, etc. very cool.
    an aside — that Bill Hamel forum bit reminds me of this thread over on the forums. the owner of the website, shawn king, is a “radio personality” in the mac world, and he and the owner of (and numerous other mac-based accessory companies) are airing the dirty laundry. emails getting reposted for all to see, presidents of major mac companies posting their opinions, people claiming to have lawyers involved when they don’t, etc. there’s some serious drama going on over there! i too stopped reading after a few pages, it just got to be too much.

  2. I read that MacMice thread, all of it…
    Are all Campbells unethical? Campbell’s Soup has Monosodium Glutamate in it (not a big deal really), our Premier Gordon Campbell has been convicted of Drunk Driving, amongst many other things, and Jack Campbell is beyond reproach (in a very bad way).
    It’s interesting how shameless some people are.

  3. “..our Premier Gordon Campbell has been convicted of Drunk Driving, amongst many other things..”
    “..our Premier Gordon Campbell has been convicted of Drunk Driving, and is responsible for many other unscrupulous political activities..”
    Beeeecaaaaaaaaaaauuse, I’m not at all certain that he’s ever been convicted on more than one thing. Wouldn’t be surprised though.

  4. Well first off I don’t know how uber secret this place is…. I found it on Google 🙂
    Any Gordon Campbell was dumb for trying and drive drunk but you never know maybe the CIA set him up… well probably not.
    Oh yea, by the way, I’m no longer focusing my efforts on my breathalyzer site. Instead I turned my company into a nice informative non-profit site. You can get all kinds of stats and resources on drinking and driving and learn some interesting things about alcohol.
    One thing that I thought was hilarious was this quote from Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the U.S., observed that “It has long been recognized that the problems with alcohol elate not to the use of a bad thing, but to the abuse of a good thing.”

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