sunset hair

i got my hair mad styled today. yes, this is my quarterly haircut blog post! wooo! leah @ the paul de costa institute used a new kind of colouring for my hair.. and it is completely awesome! she is a great hairstylist, as you can see. me and krishen are heading to QV’s at 7:45 […]

friday morning

i don’t work this morning, but i am awake nonetheless. amazing! so, today i am going to choose between a 1 gig memory card or a big bulky 10 gig card reader. i don’t exactly want another big thing to bring along with me, but it’s *10* gigs for the same price as a 1 […]


okay, almost no one got it. check this view out: okay isn’t that a bit CRAZY? in other news, today is the day that US Congressman Bob Stump told the rest of his old boys club that Bob Hope was dead. Except Bob Hope isn’t dead. So, there was a bit of a mixup there. […]

okay wtf

see if you can spot the most wtf part of this picture without blowing it up. if you can’t, then click on it and look at the big version. it is much more apparent. wtf! last night, on aaron’s recommendation, ria and i saw ‘spirited away’. dude, that was a zope movie. i recommend seeing […]


so the old man is on his way over to settle what he owes in terms of damage to The Green Machine. now, it is my opinion that he shouldn’t be on the road. we have not gone through ICBC, but it is my intention to report the incident. if i was in a smaller […]