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  1. Oh my goodness Davin, do you even realise that you managed to snap a pic of so-called ‘planet X’, aka Nibiru???? The globe to the left of the sun surrounded by the pink mass is classic!!! hahahah, no, I’m not saying planet X even exists, but the picture is soooo much like some of the others that I have seen and purported to be a pic of it. More of Planet X fantasy at they would go crazy over that pic 🙂

  2. planet x, in this case, is just the sun reflecting off the curved surface of the lens, then reflecting back off the clear lens-protecting lens at the front of the camera. because the inner lens is curved, it appears to the side of the actual sun image.

  3. Davin !
    When are you over matey ?
    Let me know and I’ll sort out a top clubbing evening in town….
    Like the pictures they’re great, really vivid colours and that goes for the hair too….

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