uk massive!

the flight over was amazing. so cool.
we took off from Vancouver at around 9:30. our flight path took us on a curve up over northern alberta and past the north west territories and hudson’s bay. since the sun was setting, it was on the horizon and it almost got dark by 10:30, but by around that time, we were far enough north that it was still light out. we went further north and it got lighter. when we passed over greenland, the sun moved from the horizon back into the sky. the sunset was the sunrise. whoah!
we landed in rainy manchester. and .. i am here.
so, initially, for me, without being anywhere besides malls and towns in the day time and houses for tea, i would say the biggest differences between victoria and the uk are:

  • the traffic / road signs (they’re much better for traffic navigation)
  • all buildings (virtually) are made out of brick (as opposed to wood)
  • everybody drives on the left side of the road!
  • 8’s only 1 pm back in victoria right now. crazy!

it’s definitely neat to be here. most of my exposure to the images of the UK have been from PBS, and i associate PBS with fundraising. so every time i go around a street corner or hear someone say something witty or conclusive in a british accent, i half expect to see someone with a telephone asking for money. really.
okay, i am just jetlagged and tired. but i really do think these things!
happy canada day!

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  1. hooray, glad to hear you made it over right proper! 😀 congrats about you and the taur’s anniversarizope! that’s awesome.
    tell someone “MASSIVE!” for me. 🙂

  2. Hey Davin you’re here !!!!
    Give me a shout re when you’re planning to be in the big smoke so I can organise a big night out!
    My phone numbers are 0208 460 0404 (home) or 07763 407379 (mobile).
    Oh and congrats that you survived the flight, I’m always pleasantly surprised that I’ve made it in one piece but you’re probably less of a wuss than me. Oh and congrats on the anniversary too

  3. hey Davin,
    you can visit me down here in Germany if you can find a way to get over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hey Davin,
    I almost forgot: come to Berlin for the Love Parade, the world’s biggest dance party on July 12th (I think)!!!!!!!!!

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