the possibilities

i am fairly well settled in here now. i do like England a lot! i had a bit of an experience last night at a club, but i’ll save that for another post.
none of the phone numbers that my mom gave me for my relatives here work but all my friends seem to have working phones. pssssssssst, laurence, get off the internet so i can phone you!
plans for London are falling in to place and it looks like i can navigate here even when in a state of nonbrilliance. fantastic! my camera is operating with 2 batteries so i’m not missing any photos (although i didn’t bring my camera with me last night.. on purpose).
this will turn back into a photoblog when i return.. for now, it is a travelblog! i will bore you to tears with my pictures when i get back. this website will be the digital film projector that your friends bore you with when they invite you to their house for a ‘bbq.’ haha!

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