Over the last while I’ve contemplated what music means to me. I put a lot of time and effort into electronic music, but finally – after much thought – I have to concede that I do not know who my target audience is in marketing terms. I make music that I like: very self indulgent […]


Submitted my remix of John Morgan and Kevin Shiu last night for approval. Waiting to hear back on that. In the mean time I am moving on to the unnamed track that myself, Justin and Dustin are working on. We have a deadline of next Wednesday to be done, so given that we started this […]


The image above has something to do with this post. Give me a moment and I’ll tell you how. I think a lot about songwriting. The fact is though, that I write very few songs, but many more tracks. What I mean by this is that the music I compose is not songwriting. To me, […]