Submitted my remix of John Morgan and Kevin Shiu last night for approval. Waiting to hear back on that. In the mean time I am moving on to the unnamed track that myself, Justin and Dustin are working on. We have a deadline of next Wednesday to be done, so given that we started this track a couple years ago I think that’s fair time to finish it up and send it off to the stores.
Speaking of the stores, Beatport has Seismic listed with the wrong song names and has wrong genre for the Powerplant remix and even has the wrong preview clip for it. That’s pretty disappointing stuff but it isn’t the first time I’ve seen this done. No good. Once the proper release is listed I’ll link to it.
Update: Turns out we messed up the submission. DOH!
In other news, Google launched something rather significant last night – Google App Engine – this is basically an online application development platform. Will be interesting to see what people come up with when they have access to some of the tremendous resources of Google. And of course there are all sorts of implications here, and I think some of the most insightful ones are suggesting that this will (at a very high level) make the acquisition of a company very fluid for Google if the company has developed on Google’s platform already. Clever..
Just ate lunch but feel empty. Perhaps its time to go out for a walk!

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  1. That’s pretty ridiculous that BP can list new tracks with so many errors in posting it. It must be automated poorly somehow, I’m guessing. Otherwise the coop they have working right now must be pretty dense.

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