the results

treva can’t believe how hot ryan thinks he is So folks, here it is, the results: Votes for Paula: 11 Votes for Ryan: 4 Male voters: 7 Female voters: 5 in case you are wondering what this is all about .. check it all out. today ryan bought pie and gave me some and paula […]

smoke and mirrors

port alberni combines the sublime beauty of fish street signs with a backdrop of industry polution on a gargantuan scale. unrelated: i fell and hurt my neck last night. today i endured it. there are about 3 clinics listed in the phone book for nanaimo, only one of them that i phoned accepted drop-ins, the […]

taking a look

jordan is really only high on life. today i saw a mullet of unbelievable mulletude. yes, i got a good tabloid-like shot of it. it’s sweet, you’ll see. i don’t much talk about work, but my concern from the beginning of the term has come back to haunt us all like i predicted it would. […]

djing in march

djing has been really fun lately, and i’ve had some of the best nights lately that i have ever played. well, most enjoyable at least. maybe i have changed the way i think. maybe the nights have been better. anyway, i’ve got photos to remember it all with! yeehaw! the two big dates i have […]