are these people hot or not?

okay okay, so these people really want to know, and i am not kidding. ryan thinks he’s [bleep] hot, and he asked if he could be posted on my website with the question being posed. so here it is. and paula the potential ninja, not wanting to be outdone by the bluntman, has asked to be transplanted from the last post into this post.
folks, it’s time to do your blog reading duty and answer the question.
here is our first contestant, ryan ‘the bluntman’ blunt. is he hot?

is he a hero or what?
and here is our second contestant, paula ‘the potential ninja’ kolisnek. is she hot?

a potential ninja, paula. you just don’t know.
finally, in the spirit of voting for things, what do you think the word ‘zope’ should stand for? paula challenges the current definition and encourages a movement to a definition closer to the colour of bluish purple that happens only at sunset. your thoughts please. if you ask me, that would be a rather zope colour. haha
okay folks, lets hear what you have to say. just bring it.

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  1. Well I can’t speak for Ryan, but that Paula she’s got something going on. She must be a ninja because with my monitor settings it looks like she is hovering. There is part of some guys white sneakers right about where her legs should be. That and, well..girls got pipes.
    She gets the thumbs up.

  2. Well, I’d give punky the kiss of approval. She’s hot, and that Ryan guy? well….i dunno bout him

  3. davin, why are there no pictures of me on your website? am i not your friend? 🙁 i would like to see one. so would luke. he thinks your website it uber- cool. word.

    Regarding Ryan: As to the question of ‘is he hot’…. he could be; but his attire is of a questionable nature. Now, it might just be me ok; but bowling shoes, and pants altered with a section of grandma’s drapes just doesn’t cut it… and tarnishes this young man’s image.
    Regarding Paula: hachachachacha!!! any questions?

  5. no offence, but any person who thinks he’s shit hot, in my book is either a jerk or just really shallow or both…which makes any superficial attractiveness a turn-off. heehee 🙂

  6. Well, my professional opinion is that once she becomes more proficient in Taijutsu, then Paula will be considered hot. She’s definitely getting there..!! =D
    Potential? Let me see your Kamae!

  7. In answer to Chrissie’s question… I’m actually both. Don’t be so cruel, superficial beauty is all I’ve got. In addition, the words I actually used were, “hot shit”.

  8. im gonna vote for ryan.. paula is a close second, however..
    and as for zope.. any alterations to its existing definition would make me cry like a little baby. so please don’t change it. 🙂

  9. Based purely on pictures, I’m going to say Ryan’s not too shabby-looking. Hot-shit is something I’m not going to commit to here, but he’s got potential. He’d be getting way more praise if he wasn’t doing the lame GQ pose thing, and if he didn’t look like he was wearing drapes. I can’t really see his eyes very well, and eyes are the biggest part of whether you’re hot-shit or not. Need a better picture!
    As far as I am qualified to judge, being a chick, I’d say Paula is definitely hot-shit. I’m envious of her looks and especially her way-cool shirt. She looks like a very fun person too, from the look in her eyes.
    There’s my purely superficial input.

  10. Paula is definitely Hawt. Ryan is probably hot too, but I’m not a very good judge of that.
    As for zope, I think it should be one of those meta-words that means exactly what you mean it to mean, nothing more, nothing less.
    And, what you mean it to mean might be 180 degrees from what I mean it to mean. But that’s like 87.65% of the fun right there, reinterpereting whatever meaning I mean it to mean with what you mean it to mean. Know what I mean?
    Also, I think that Zope (the web application software built on Python) is also zope, because I just wrapped my head around several really important things that make Zope so zope.
    I am the very model of the modern major-general!

  11. I have also had the pleasure of meeting both of these people in the flesh. Perhaps if Ryan didn’t come off as a pompous jerk in his write-up, he may have received more votes. He is however one of the sweetest and hottest people that I have ever met, so my vote goes to him. Sorry Paula!

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