bowling with *rryl

we spent several years studying, and finally we figured out how to keep score

movement in still life

the pink ladies show us what they’re made of
yep we went bowling again last night. it was a dress-up err i mean down or something event. most of my team didn’t show up, so darryl the rocker went on his own and recruited two fine ladies by the names of merryl and sherryl to be on the team of *rryl.
the pictures above are all from the first time we went ten pin bowling. last night we went five pin bowling.. which i had more playing. ten pin would have been more fun had i known whut i was doing.
by the way .. if you have not commented on the post below.. time is running out. i will be doing a plus/minus count soon. some time. so yeah, comment!

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  1. Davin..i’m trying to find Yoseff’s #. We have recieved Steve’s(Rich’s dj cousin in London)mix’s and we need to get it to some people to listen to asap. It’d be great if we could get him a slot at Sugar or more..We were pretty much floored driving around listening to it!
    Me thinks you will like it!

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