nanaimo by night

last monday i had a walk around central nanaimo when the moon was bright and the clouds were few. before leaving the house, i grabbed le tripod and le canon. here is what it looked like…

shadow cast in moon light

this is one of the few clouds that i could get for a picture

mt. benson looms in darkness

the nanaimo parkway

the nanaimo parkway

the nanaimo parkway

the red rock along the side of the parkway

a tunnel for water and such. i wonder if any ogs live in there.

east wellington passes over the parkway

the city centre is not anywhere near the parkway..

weirdness happened at dufferin crescent .. i am not sure why this happened. does anyone have any idea?

the tree outside my house

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  1. nice shots! I like the “city centre” shot, the moon looks really cool.
    about the weirdness — i’m thinking either the camera was moved during the exposure, or it’s internal camera refraction, much like the lense flares you see when you take a picture of something intensely bright like the sun.

  2. not totally sure what it is called. Just thinking of the princepal of a lens. I know in a 35mm the image is actually projected upside down on the film. So I don’t know the exact where and when, but there is usually a few different surfaces that make up a lens. The flare (I think) is when the film (or data) takes a picture of the lens surface, as well as the image projected through it.
    Like if you hold eye glasses a foot infront of your face and focus on the lens surface instead of looking through them. I made most of that up, but it makes sense huh?
    Interesting side note: Digitally animated movies actually draw in lens flares to make it look more realistic to viewers. I know Shrek did for sure.

  3. With the lens flares, if you pinpoint the center of the photo (the center of the lens anyway), the flares are symmetric about the center. So the flare image on the upper left is a reflection of the traffic light on the lower right, and vice-versa. That’s why the colors are upside-down.

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