taking a look

jordan is really only high on life.
today i saw a mullet of unbelievable mulletude. yes, i got a good tabloid-like shot of it. it’s sweet, you’ll see.
i don’t much talk about work, but my concern from the beginning of the term has come back to haunt us all like i predicted it would. this concern would of course be: where are we going to have our end-of-term party?
well, we phoned acme. they have a cool downstairs lounge which we tentatively booked. the only problem is that it costs us $200 to reserve the space. the space they will use to sell us drinks and food. 35 of us. does this seem like a bit much to pay to anyone else?

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  1. Acme has been done D-Dogg. The food is overpriced as it is…I say we whop it up at Shawnigan Lake BBQ style…your green van, my white corolla…three trips and we are all there. thanks for the chance to be apart of your hot or not competition…so who is up next???

  2. Doesn’t Jordan know that certain kinds of mushrooms are simply _not_ good to have on pizza? Sheesh!

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