private road

my heart for now is a private road no thoroughfare no heavy load no slow traffic, no graphic details of colder collisons no more stories to make me end snow falls in silence and covers the green still you can see where the birds have been hungry but alive and free waiting waiting… words: bent […]


was it loneliness that brought you here broken and weak was it tiredness that made you sleep have you lost your will to speak was it emptiness that made you weep no more secrets to keep was it bitterness that gave you time to forgive your sins was the earth spinning round were you falling […]


woe. woe is you, and woe is me, so woe, i say, now we are the woe. written by da. woe. just say no, no to woe and frolic like children, to and fro for a poem like this, to hell i go to join the darkling lonely crow. written by tim emit. woe. unlocked […]

junkie xl tonight..

oooooh I am excited for this show. reasons why I think JunkieXL is worth checking out: Remixed Dave Gahan (from Depeche Mode)’s “Dirty Sticky Floors” and it roxx Remixed Sarah McLachlan’s “World On Fire” and it roxx Remixed Infusion’s “Legacy” and it’s stupid good. Co-produced Sasha’s superb “Airdrawndagger” album Co-produced Conjure 1 (Delerium offshoot)’s debut […]