junkie xl tonight..

oooooh I am excited for this show.
reasons why I think JunkieXL is worth checking out:

  • Remixed Dave Gahan (from Depeche Mode)’s “Dirty Sticky Floors” and it roxx
  • Remixed Sarah McLachlan’s “World On Fire” and it roxx
  • Remixed Infusion’s “Legacy” and it’s stupid good.
  • Co-produced Sasha’s superb “Airdrawndagger” album
  • Co-produced Conjure 1 (Delerium offshoot)’s debut album
  • Produced Bon Voyage, Zerotonine, Beauty Never Fades, Breezer, and the rather huge double CD RadioJXL.

well that’s all i could come up with a minute ago but it’s plenty of reason to go. if you don’t know the music that well, he’s doing a live pa show so it’ll be plenty more interesting than your regular dj show and he makes really fun dance music. whirred.
the irony of me writing about ‘techno’ whilst listing to a mixed list of janis joplin, norah jones and ella fitzgerrald .. makes me laugh. variety, i say .. helps me appreciate everything more. 🙂
happy friday everybody!

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