woe is you, and
woe is me, so
woe, i say, now
we are the woe.
written by da.

just say no, no to woe
and frolic like children, to and fro
for a poem like this, to hell i go
to join the darkling lonely crow.
written by tim emit.

unlocked heart
a longing to hold
take the path
written by mike ph0ng.

escaping from woe,
i dared to go,
far away into myself to grow.
but just like woe,
what a cunning foe,
he found me again to make me low!
written by jen felicity.

i wish it wasn’t so
but I am the woe
uncertainties and fears
are the sources of my tears
i don’t know where to go
i am the woe
wise, without fear
you made it all clear
i don’t have to go
we are the woe
written by amalia.

uncertainty will follow you
but it will not lead the way
take a minute to feel the path
and know what you want today
it is clear to all, now see
who lurketh in our long shadows,
patience can’t be sweet therapy
will we ever escape our woes?
written by davin.

all written today except the first, which was written yesterday.

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  1. Yay, I’m so glad you posted them. They are all so great and should be shared!
    So that way we can all feel a little less woe…

  2. what makes me wallow in darkness
    toss in bed
    pace the floor
    bang my head
    woe can be so strong
    even the couragous falter
    but in the end
    woe is my lover
    my life
    my friend

  3. Ho ho ho ho!
    Toss away woe,
    To the Fire it go;
    Not ’round to and fro!
    Come! Do not be slow!
    For though woe may flow,
    Truer than melted snow,
    Not as though we do not already know,
    It is no way to go
    To be floating around in memory of woe.

  4. Davin, you have an uncanny ability to sneak in about 50,000 posts between the times I check. And this is one of the few websites I go to.
    Next time yer doing poetry, lemme in on it!

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