djing in march

djing has been really fun lately, and i’ve had some of the best nights lately that i have ever played. well, most enjoyable at least. maybe i have changed the way i think. maybe the nights have been better. anyway, i’ve got photos to remember it all with! yeehaw! the two big dates i have played in march have been at the pressroom in nanaimo with brad copeland and hush in victoria with braeden.
the pressroom – nanaimo:

while i was djing, brad stood behind me and didn’t move for an hour straight. it was creepy.

morgan and dave

davin and emily large it

craig is assaulted by the music!

myself and morgan
hush – victoria:

here’s the proof that paula, emily and saila came down from nanaimo for the night

steve wants to know why you haven’t tried the BTCFS yet

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  1. What can I say but a good time. Davin working with you the last 8 months has been awesome. Seeing you and Andrew go the other day ,other day, and Kelly today. Has been a tough. We’ll be seeing each other in the near future i’m sure.
    Until the next time (in the caves).
    “celabrate we will, for life is short but sweet for certain” – Dave Mathews

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