the results

treva can’t believe how hot ryan thinks he is
So folks, here it is, the results:

in case you are wondering what this is all about .. check it all out.
today ryan bought pie and gave me some and paula gave me a much needed massage. that makes them both hot beyond the superficialities of their superior aesthetics. they both get my vote!

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  1. Word..
    Hope joo are feeling better ;/
    On an entirely unrelated note, are you coming back to Vic. this weekend? =D

  2. hey, i am attempting to take the bus to victoria on sunday. i am encountering a few hurdles, however. for example, the bus system in nanaimo stops running at about 5 pm on sundays. ouch. i dont get off work until 6 pm on sunday. i guess i’ll have to walk about 40 minutes to the bus depot … blah

  3. you could vote for whether or not an individual was hot or not. some people just voted whether or not one person was hot. it was not “who is hotter” .. or anything like that. 🙂

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