AFK – Pacific Front Sessions: March 2008

Pacific Front Sessions: March 2008 starts off on a tip that has been absent for a while from my mixes.. tribal atmospheric. This first track called “Train of Thought” takes me back several years to a bar called Neptune where I used to have a residency with Brian (Seed from Ritual Sounds), Yoseff and Nigel Haze. Very moody and reminds me a lot of those good times down at the blue bar. The track is brand new on Morphosis though, and is one half of a great release. Next is a Kasey Taylor remix of a really chuggin’ tune by Avilo, “Easy 15.” It’s a bit of an usual track, which is what I like about it. The build from there is into Jay Lumen’s “Ultra,” an atmospheric progressive house track that reminds me a bit of Miami and specifically WMC. I never heard it while I was there but I could definitely see this going off in the middle of the day on any one of the dozens of huge sound systems there. Following this is a really cool track by Joel Armstrong called “Hey Hey Hey,” and the remix is by Bastards of Funk and Sonic Union. Some really cool drum fills and a fun bassline move the mix forward away from the ethereal and into some higher energy material. This provides the bridge into the third track I did with Dustin H, “Seismic,” which Shiloh does the remix on. Great bass line and synth maneuvers by Shiloh here, providing a very original and different take on the tune. This track was just released this past Monday so grab it on Beatport – also be sure to check out the other mixes because they are pretty diverse and I think there’s something for everyone there. Next up is a DJ Remy remix of David Forbes and Michael Patterson – the track is called “Teknika.” This is the kind of track I drop in the middle of a peak time set and people go mental to. Which means you may or may not like it here, but in case you don’t like it, I recommend turning the volume up. Should solve the problem. Following this is an epic piece by David West called “Suffering Island.” I have wanted to put this in a mix for a long time now but haven’t found the right spot until recently – now, in fact. David West is one of my favorite producers for his grasp on melody, progression and percussion – not to mention, his bass lines are super solid and always carry the tune in a way that I really enjoy. The transition into dramatic breaks is done here by filtering out the bottom of the bass drum from Suffering Island while the ambient intro to His Boy Elroy’s “Step Into the Light” fades in over top. We have a remix by The Emissary and Starfire here which I find very reminiscent of Hybrid – in a good way. This sets up the final blow – a tough and gritty track by Kultur called “Street Knowledge,” and none other than Stefan Anion is on remix duties. He makes complete mayhem out of this track and it is perfect for finishing off a mix with many twists and turns.


  1. Absance – Train of Thought (Original mix) [Morphosis Records]
  2. Avilo – Easy 15 (Kasey Taylor Instrumental remix) [Vapour Recordings]
  3. Jay Lumen – Ultra (Original mix) [Baroque Records]
  4. Joel Armstrong – Hey Hey Hey (Bastards of Funk and Sonic Union remix) [Dot Dot Recordings]
  5. AFK and Dustin H – Seismic (Shiloh remix) [Pacific Front Recordings]
  6. David Forbes and Michael Patterson – Teknika (DJ Remy remix) [68 Recordings]
  7. David West – Suffering Island (Original mix) [Solaris]
  8. His Boy Elroy – Step Into The Light (The Emissary and Starfire remix) [Proton Music]
  9. Kultur – Street Knowledge (Stefan Anion’s Bookworm remix) [Usaplay Ltd]
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  1. Excellent set, i’ve listened it to with big pleasure. Thanks for more than simply professional approach.

  2. WICKED set, recently discovered your music from Organic Theory site and now your own site!! March set is a treat to the ears, especially the Suffering Island tune!!
    So glad to have found your site and your mixes, I look forward to listening to them in due course.
    At full volume!

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