okay, almost no one got it. check this view out:

okay isn’t that a bit CRAZY?
in other news, today is the day that US Congressman Bob Stump told the rest of his old boys club that Bob Hope was dead. Except Bob Hope isn’t dead. So, there was a bit of a mixup there. Bob Stump’s office says that Stump got a AP report from the Office of the Majority’s head honcho, Dick Army. Dick Army’s office was contacted by Don and Mike’s national live radio show, but Dick’s office had nothing to offer (last I heard). the press office of Dick Army was too busy for live radio. ho ho ho!
in other words, this means that if you need to get a message to US Congress, just hand it to Bob Stump and he’ll read it for you as breaking news!
of course, this has to do with the picture because of the parallels between what is supporting the power and communication lines. yeah, power. crazy power. wtf. i’ll optimize the picture later.
i am about to head off to the airport to get krishen! wooo hooo!!
stumpy.. can you pass that one on!?

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  1. That’s a little crazy…
    But this, this is crazy: [picture of costco would work nicely here]
    Details on absent picture: It’s a picture of the eating area in costco. The eating area has several picknick tables with brightly colored umbrellas.
    Eating on picknick tables with umbrellas in a GIGANTIC DISCOUNT WHAREHOUSE – and no one is laughing with me, just staring at me. My bad?

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