friday morning

i don’t work this morning, but i am awake nonetheless. amazing!
so, today i am going to choose between a 1 gig memory card or a big bulky 10 gig card reader. i don’t exactly want another big thing to bring along with me, but it’s *10* gigs for the same price as a 1 gig memory card. conversely, i would only *ever* use the 10 gig on this trip but i would have much use for a 1 gig.
let us do some math for my camera:
16 pictures on the 32 meg card plus
128 pictures on the 256 meg card plus
512 pictures on the 1 gig card
equals 656 pictures.
hmm, that’s probably a bit more than i need…
i would be able to fit 5120 pictures on the 10 gig card. but i seriously doubt i am going to take *that* many pictures. i can fit the other cards in my camera bag thingie, but definitely not the card reader… so there’s not as much value in the big bulky card ready alternative for me. yeah.
update: krishen is lending me 1 of his 256 meg cards, suh-weeeeeeeeeeet! thank you!
and of course, friday is resonance day, this time with DJ Bedlam!

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  1. Indeed, the memory card confuzzlecation…. what to do , what to do? I’m planning on going to Soundwave, and am pondering memory cards as you are. I’m thinking if I can afford a 256mg card, and use ‘middle’ resolution, I should be ok for the actual numbers of pics that I can take or will want to. It would indeed be a shame to not have memory if you needed it. Which brings up another point I hadn’t considered before, which is that when going on holidays with your digital cam, it could be a bother if you couldn’t upload them to your site from wherever you are….. which for that reason alone makes that 10 gigger fairly attractive. I mean, you may not always even need that, but so great to have! I say grab it if you can, and be damned with being bothered by it’s presence. With that unit…..imagine how much video you could shoot!!!!!!
    I’m dr00ling with jeleousy and Kromulence that you can get that.

  2. rofl @ drooling with kromulence! really though, my camera can shoot video but it’s very much a still shot camera. that is without question the reason i have it, and it is how i use it most of the time.

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