mars needs women

so while you were asleep or watching TV or whatever it is you do, i went out to see mars… as i type this, mars is closer to earth than than we will ever see again in our lifetimes. i hope everyone was able to escape the light polution and check it out. cool indeed. the third picture down is mars itself. the white blip on the bottom is the southern polar ice cap. huge.

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  1. funny, that marss song, the original pump up the volume for me was the beginning of modern electronica, that is, post-new order, mid-yello, pre-progressive, about four months after the first time i ever heard detroit acid house, which to this day to me still sounds utterly strange. i still have the original 12″ of p.u.t.v. somewhere, along with about five acid house singles. the b side of p.u.t.v., a dubbish mix which i’ve never heard away from my own needles, and even then not in at least 13 years, was, as i recall, far better than the one you still hear, in full or in samples, now and again.
    umm, that’s confusing, the marss track isn’t detroit acid, just from the same era.
    hey, do you think the vocal that came after the drum beats line was the first example of arabian/indian vocal stylings in electronica?
    oh, and that’s still one hella 1337 polar cap pic!

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