here we go!

i went to thetis lake yesterday evening after work. i thought it was going to be a bit cold, but it was not at all. it was surprisingly warm and not even cold enough to be referred to as invigorating. don’t get me wrong, it was extremely refreshing! we dried off, watched the sun set, had a Cold One and ate sandwiches. it was wonderful and a nice way to end a work-filled day. after a great night of swimming and mostly lounging at thetis lake last night, i went home to mess further with my hard drive’s fragmentation. in the last few weeks, there are 10,000 new file fragments. wtf?! this is not normal. it isn’t.
i don’t think it is anyway.
in any case, freya is the special guest on resonance today and i’m looking forward to her spin on the etheric link sound. always a lovely set from that lady!
the weekend coming up is the Labour Day weekend and everyone and their dog has something SPECial planned. i will be DJ the 12:30 – 3:00 a.m. slot at a sataurday night main event.. something i have been looking forward to for some time.
lately i seem to be getting the headline spots at raves and clubs in victoria, and of course on my own radio show.. which is nice. i have been collecting peak-time music on vinyl and CD for a long time so i am more than ready to lay down the blistering beats and ferocious basslines. i have studied the art of the peak-time set for the last 6 years and have spent countless hours mulling over what makes people want to dance longer and more versus what makes people want to go home and go to sleep in their nice warm bed. i have run up and down through my catalog of music, selecting the tracks that will stoke, the ones that will bend your mind, and the ones that will give you a momentary release you from all this tension. i think in soundscapes..
..and then there is the programming..
i’ll save that for another day.
i must depart work and drive to the radio station.. resonance is on the air in 34 minutes!!

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  1. NizzutZ! I missed her set! Can I download somewhere? Also- hoping to join you at SPEC but I can’t say more than that. *sigh* Sending you mahhseeve thoughts regardless.
    Also- blog update madness all over the place. Hope that helps. jesteR’s back up, and I’m over my pensive phase. *grin*

  2. dang nabbit! I’m gonna have to sit this SPECial event out. For one, my foot is in no shape to be dancing on (long story… well not really, but a silly one, in which I end up looking rather foolish) and I happen to be in calgary where kyrsten is now living. I won’t be back in vic till late sunday afternoon, DOH! I’m sure your set is gonna be at least as amazing as your last one was. can’t wait too see the pics:)

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