friday bonanza!

we had dinner last night at the fireside grill. not much of a view outside, but it was nice enough. the seating outside was tempting, however we had an opportunity to have an entire floor of the restaurant virtually to ourselves…
and so we did:

the food was completely excellent and the service was timely and overall, stellar. i wholeheartedly recommend this little place. it is in royal oak.
these days i am taking more pictures than i know what to do with . . and not just crud pictures, but pictures i really like. some of them i will never post, and that is fine, but i have a tonne in the cue which threaten to make my pictures noncurrent. i don’t want to make this site noncurrent with its photos, so here’s another picture, this time from the airport the night before.. i think. some may recognize the composition of this picture from a previous and recent entry, but it’s way more recent, of a different plane, not shopped and sorry CRT users, this picture, like the rest of my pictures, looks way better on a 17″ viewable studio LCD:

this picture was taken from the same spot, but much later at night and this is a dash 8 landing. a dash 8 is a turbo prop plane. the other image shows a 737 landing, and as you can see, there’s a completely different curve for the descent to the runway. the 737 is a turbo fan plane.
the trip to vancouver today was exciting — i had been excited since it was announced earlier in the week. i learned a lot, spoke a bit, and it felt very productive without being at all stuffy and there was no hint of any teeth pulling whatsoever. it was a fun experience and it’s just so sweet to do what i do for a living.
awwwwwwwwwww yeaaaaaaaaah!
it’s time for the weekend!

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