arnold vs. mary

erik was crawling around the web and found this gem of a candidate for California Governor… — oh yes, it’s true.
do you know marycarey? well, who cares. have a look at the competition..
well. i have looked around for it, and i have, so far, failed to find any sort of platform for arnold. mary carey definitely has some platforms, and a couple of politcal views too. perhaps her philosophy can retroactively dismantle the current $400+ million debt California owes to BC. probably not. still, you have to appreciate that at least somewhere in the world, the weaknesses of democracy are being exploited far worse than they are here.

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  1. Alas, it’s just another vile marketing ploy, but you probably already knew that. If you use “who is” to look up the owner of the URL, you get: Kick Ass Pictures, Inc.
    Mark Kulkis
    1220 S. Boyle Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90023
    Phone: 323-981-1700
    Fax..: 323-981-1701
    Here’s a recent press release from Kick Ass Pics:
    BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – “Toe-to-Toe, dude – fuckin’ kick ass!” Perhaps it was the battle hymn of the slacker foot fetishists once, but now their cry will be silenced. Don’t bother to shed a tear, though -Toe-to-Toe Video isn’t dead; it’s just becoming Kick Ass Pictures, Inc. “All the girls in our productions will have natural tits,” promises Kick Ass’ president, Mark Kulkis. “There will never be condoms, and they’ll always have a fun storyline and a kick-ass attitude.”
    The company’s inaugural release will be Super Quick (“A superhero epic with fantastic special effects,” says Kulkis), directed by Beau Damascus and starring Kurious in her first anal scene. Soon after will come Grrl Power directed by Andre Madness. “It’s a young girl magazine format series, with Pop-Up Video-style information boxes. The girls all look like raver chicks, and they use sex to get what they want. There’s lots of attention to style; we’ve even got a techno theme song.”
    Look for Kick Ass releases in September and October, distributed by Hustler Video
    Beam me up, Scotty. (But spend all your money on crap first.)

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