ahh, the weekend

thank goodness it’s the weekend. i slept for 11 hours last night.. apparently i needed it! i have been sleeping roughly 7-8 hours per night during the week, which is good. adjusting to the workload has been challenging and a bit tiring in all honesty, but i don’t like a job where i am not […]

remember this?

the Really Good Music petition look at all those signatures! pretty amazing really. resonance is good and the flyers are far better than anything we ever had for RGM, but RGM built up a following over 3 years. it’s only been a few months for resonance and we do have a fully automated website with […]

understand me

it was a deadly day of production torrents and brainstorm typhoons. i met up with kate from CFUV and we chatted about some seriously awesome ideas. needless to say, kate is a rad person with some pretty good ideas. ahhh. this is what i came back to community radio for! i am excited about what […]

i am back

dhs.org went down for a day so i took the opportunity to perform another (suprisingly much needed) server defrag. i have been thinking about registering a dot com, but i’m trying to justify the cost. i have found $8.75/year .com registration but i have no references on the companies that do it for this cheap. […]