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the Really Good Music petition
look at all those signatures!

pretty amazing really. resonance is good and the flyers are far better than anything we ever had for RGM, but RGM built up a following over 3 years. it’s only been a few months for resonance and we do have a fully automated website with live tracklistings. tomorrow we have noma on the show to rip it up live for 2 hours. it’s been a while since i have heard him spin.. he was otherwise known as “charles paul” when he spun on RGM. he plays a kind of weird, quirky style of house that is reminiscent of john digweed at 3 a.m.. you know .. the big noises, unexpected turns in music.. really quite fresh. when it comes to getting different music, this guy goes the extra mile for sure.

dave from ground level productions phoned me tonight and confirmed tipper for a set on resonance on friday the 22nd. thank you dave! this is gonna rock.
i am still waiting on the good people at distinctive to hook me up with the New new hybrid album (morning sci-fi) so that i can air that 2nd interview i did with them a few months back when they were in vancouver. plus they mentioned something about sending me a set.. hmm.
fun times in radioland once again!

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  1. A vewwy interesting picture for sure! Like looking at cloud formations… you can easily see how the reflection in the water could be the top of a floor lamp, and the clouds form the shade around the light bulb heh 🙂 I turned down the brightness and contrast on this monitor at work to 40% each so that it gave the pic an even deeper brown look. It’s quite a remarkable photo, and nicely laid out…. it’s a keeper Davin. I need some inspiration, call me, and we’ll go do some photogz0r this weekend if you have some time.

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