braeden enjoys the effects of a coffee before going on IRC
i haven’t been around for a bit — well yes I have, but just not really on the computer that much. okay that’s anther lie. but i have been sorting through pictures and making music. this is my second day of my two weeks off.
anand is in town now, and krishen is arriving tomorrow at 4:20.
and now, for your viewing displeasure, some IRC:

12:54:48 PM: *** LaserNinj (trilluser@cs107-145.cs.UVic.CA) has joined channel #rave.vic
12:54:59 PM: LaserNinj: I’m back
12:55:00 PM: LaserNinj: K?
12:55:34 PM: LaserNinj: Where has everyone gone?
12:56:36 PM: LaserNinj: Who will I turn to for validation?
1:01:04 PM: LaserNinj: Oh wait… I have a blog
1:01:07 PM: LaserNinj: problem solved 😉
1:01:36 PM: AFK: Oh yes.
1:01:41 PM: AFK sorts through photos
1:02:07 PM: LaserNinj: I have some big time photo sorting to do
1:02:28 PM: flux_ listens to Shiloh – Swerve
1:02:48 PM: LaserNinj: Did you konw that Shiloh was an old type of bread that is no longer made?
1:03:07 PM: LaserNinj: I’m really quite fascinating.
1:04:23 PM: flux_: AFK: did you save those photos from friday coffee?
1:04:26 PM: flux_: I’d like to see em
1:05:35 PM: LaserNinj: flux: I have some pictures I took of a coffee meet.
1:05:38 PM: LaserNinj: Would those do?
1:05:46 PM: flux_: no
1:05:53 PM: LaserNinj: Why not?
1:05:53 PM: flux_: I need davin’s pictures only
1:06:04 PM: LaserNinj: That’s a bit elitist, don’t you think?
1:06:08 PM: flux_: YES SIR
1:06:12 PM: LaserNinj: Where’s the PLUR there?
1:06:17 PM: LaserNinj: You should want to see my pictures too
1:06:19 PM: flux_ bends over
1:06:24 PM: flux_: it’s in there
1:06:30 PM: flux_: I want to write in your rave book too
1:06:36 PM: flux_: if you’ve brought some crayons
1:06:38 PM: LaserNinj: Wow, along with an undiscovered pigmy tribe too it looks like.
1:06:54 PM: flux_: indeed… it’s a party in there… the pygmies teach me plur
1:07:13 PM: LaserNinj: I’m surprised they can stop gagging long enough to speak
1:07:22 PM: flux_: what do you mean? my [bleep] don’t stink
1:07:25 PM: flux_: it’s like a valley of roses
1:07:31 PM: LaserNinj: Roses OF DEATH
1:07:34 PM: flux_: no
1:07:36 PM: flux_: roses of love
1:07:38 PM: LaserNinj: yo
1:07:41 PM: LaserNinj: No such thing.
1:07:45 PM: LaserNinj: Why do you think there are thorns on roses?
1:08:04 PM: flux_: I never said it was a valley of roses and rose stems
1:08:08 PM: flux_: just roses
1:08:25 PM: LaserNinj: Roses implies the entire plant, not just the bud.
1:08:36 PM: flux_: not in my ass
1:08:37 PM: LaserNinj: Had you said rose buds, I would not have made the mistake.
1:08:55 PM: flux_: rose buds mean small roses that aren’t open
1:08:58 PM: flux_: these are full roses
1:09:10 PM: flux_: just sans stems
1:09:19 PM: LaserNinj: That needs to be specified.
1:09:20 PM: flux_: the stems aren’t fragrant enough
1:09:23 PM: LaserNinj: Unfortunately, you failed to do that.
1:09:28 PM: LaserNinj: And hence, your confusion.
1:09:35 PM: flux_: I disagree
1:09:44 PM: LaserNinj: In the future, might I make the suggestion that you make the distinction.
1:09:52 PM: LaserNinj: You can disagree all you like, but you’re still going to be wrong.
1:09:54 PM: LaserNinj: Now, let’s move on to the next discussion
1:09:56 PM: flux_: just because you didn’t grasp the concept doesn’t mean it didn’t exist
1:10:12 PM: LaserNinj: What do you think about those sweaters people make their dogs wear.
1:10:32 PM: flux_: I think they’re a little tight and itchy

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