when i die

i want to be turned into this!
i got my humidifier to work. it did make a huge difference, i am not feeling so groggy this morning (also thanks to a healthy chunk of sleep) and that is A Good Thingâ„¢.
unfortunately plans to go here:

for this weekend have not worked out, so now i have this weekend open. i did all my house work yesterday evening, so i am free to do whatever. i still feel like going on some sort of adventure. suggestions?

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  1. Life Gem??? does anyone else think that it’s the GROSSEST idea EVER?? I don’t want dead loved one on my hand all day or around my neck…yuk!
    Davin you’re weird….I *love* that!

  2. I want my body to be pressed into a diamond, and sent into space as a nose ring on my severed, cryogenically-frozen head — to be found by Captain Picard many years from now.
    We’ll have tea.

  3. Hmmm….I like the idea personally, I would much rather look at a diamond than a grave anyday, going to those places is always so depressing.
    What did you end up deciding on for your fun filled weekend?
    I am currently responsible for four fourteen year old girls who had a sleepover last night, man, I thought I giggled lots!! 😛
    We did face masks, painted our nails, baked banana bread (again), giggled on msn while they chatted with boys, and watched some t.v. (yeah CSI!!)…now they are all still sleeping on the living room floor sharing the same bedding, it’s so cute, I’m going to secretly take a picture of them!!

  4. it’s not such a big deal what happens with my body once I’m dead. First, I hope I have at least a couple usefull parts left for harvesting and used for donar organs. other than that, perhaps the rest of the body can be used for science… if there’s something I can do for research even once I’m dead that would be great. I just don’t want to be wasting a spot in a box six feet under the ground. pretty much anything but that.

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