i seem to be having a lack of energy lately. i think it may have to do with just wanting to get things done and finishing projects, both at work and in my music life. progress. i need it.
formulate’s set on resonance last night was really quite good. we had some pretty hilarious moments in the on-air studio last night when the mic wasn’t on.. totally strange.. hahaha. mellow gold!?!?! oh yeah, the mic WAS on.. [bleep]!
anyway, today i am going to help my friend nathan get some cards printed for his new business, gonna work on a contract project, and watch the canucks game. and then tonight, i dunno what i want to do. i want a bit of adventure.. that trip to port hardy last week was good! i need more adventure now.
i want something truly unexpected to happen.

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  1. Crap, forgot to record resonance again — gonna have to see if there’s some way I can create a cron job or something to automatically launch my audio recording app at the appropriate time.
    Re: progress — sometimes what I find works well is to break a task down into a bunch of intermediate goals, then it’s easier to see your progress.

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