a mountain in the nimpkish valley
myself and craig are recording the first episode of z00mradio, a show that is going to air on wickedhouseparty.org on the last friday evening of the month. it’ll be a monthly show and we’ve decided to go with a 2 hour show instead of a 3 hour because this particular internet radio station wants us to talk over top of the music every 5 minutes.
every 5 minutes. that’s a lot of talking.. so we’re going to try it out and see if we like it. right now on resonance we talk between sets, ocassionally over the music, and a lot at the end when the music is no longer playing and the show is essentially over. call it a 3 AM radio-experience.
i think wickedhouseparty just wants us to say their name a whole bunch in order to get “stickiness”. perhaps we’ll say z00mradio lots instead!
so, we’re recording the first show as i type this.. we’re recording the DJ set first, and then we’ll place talk over top later in an audio editing program. basically a 2 hour show will take 2 hours to record the music, 2 hours to insert talking, and then 2 more hours to broadcast. 6 hours total, which would have been 9 if it was a 3 hour show. kind of hard to justify when we don’t even know how many people will be listening, but we want the practice anyways. it will be good experience for us, putting together a monthly show and pre-producing.. it may lead to other things. 🙂

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  1. Hey cool! Another radio show! Kinda sucks that you hafta talk so much though. “get stickiness”!?! WTF? Well, here’s to hoping all goes well 😉

  2. Tony, I’m guessing stickiness, as in, “brand recognition”-type stickiness.
    Davin, I think you even underestimated — it’ll probably take 2 hours to insert talking and at least one more to record it. Still though, with a name like that, how can you go wrong? Hehe. So is z00mradio your name, or whp’s?

  3. Thanks it’s mine. With a little Ariz-0000-na compassion. hehehe It’s an omnipresent project regarding no barriers… A pet project looking forwards… Enough for now!

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