AFK – Pacific Front Sessions: January 2009

Pacific Front Sessions January 2009 starts off the new year with some cool, mellow tracks that reflect the mood of winter in Victoria. The first track by Soundstorm is remixed by Dynamic Illusion into a subdued atmospheric house piece. Local techno legend Rennie Foster’s track adds a little fun into the mix with a remix from The Youngsters, which is followed up by 16B’s tech-funk house piece “To Run To.” The Humbertron (aka Formulate) remix of Trifecta makes its way into the mix by picking up the pace and slamming the speakers with bass and ride cymbals. I’d really like to hear that one on a big system. Next up is the final and official version of my own Bergamot – it’s fairly different than the version that aired last summer on Pacific Front Sessions. Last night I walked into Noodlebox and the next track was playing – Dale Anderson and Stewart Keenan’s “End To End.” Really beautiful breaks remix by Aeron Aether – not to be messed with. This sets up Dousk’s superb Blender which gets mixed heavily with Mango’s “Forever July” which then plays by itself for around a minute before Paul Keeley’s “Run To You” finishes off the mix.


  1. Soundstorm – Iris (Dynamic Illusion remix) [Silk Digital Records]
  2. Rennie Foster – Devils Water (The Youngsters remix) [Rebirth]
  3. Omid 16B – To Run To (Original mix) [SexOnWax Recordings]
  4. Trifecta – Terraforce (Humbertron remix) [Pacific Front Recordings]
  5. AFK – Bergamot (Original mix) [Pacific Front Recordings]
  6. Dale Anderson and Stewart Keenan – End to End (Aeron Aether remix) [Navigation Limited]
  7. Dousk – Blender (Original mix) [Vapour Recordings]
  8. Mango – Forever July (Original mix) [Proton Music]
  9. Paul Keeley – Run To You (Original mix) [Baroque Records]
Download: AFK – Pacific Front Sessions: January 2009 (mp3)

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  1. holy sh!t man!! I averaged – averaged – download speeds of 825 kb/sec. It was still climbing at 923 kb/sec when it finished downloading!! Those are the fastest speeds I’ve ever seen from anywhere. Howdidudothat?

  2. Really looking forward to downloading the March sets – are you putting them up on your site? I’d love to have them on my iPod on the way to work. They only seem to be offered for streaming on Proton.

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