bergamot studios launch

It’s been over a year since we settled on a name for our photography business. Since then we have done a lot of shooting, setting up the business on the administrative side, collaborated on a logo and also made a website design. The website itself is powered by the content management system I work on in the day time.
Our focus is wedding and event photography. We also shoot bands, DJs, and do headshots and the like. We have had thoughts about opening up the design side as well, but for now it makes the most sense to have the business focus on photography. May I present to you:
Bergamot Studios: Photography With Flavour
Comments, grammar advice, enquiries and Earl Grey tea all welcome!

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  1. Well done, Davin!! Great looking site! I even recognized some people on there… 🙂
    I think you guys will do really well with your business.
    I would recommend adding some testimonials to your website – quotes from past clients – perhaps even mention an opportunity for prospective clients to get in touch with past customers. It’s that word of mouth and third party endorsement that will help set you apart.

  2. oh, and the shot of the girl with the stuff coming out of her hand is truly awesome! Reminds me of HP commercials or something like that. Instantly made me think that you guys would be awesome at shooting and composing advertising material for corporate clientele. You should add that to your services on your website. Start pro bono and get a couple of happy customers.

  3. Congrats on the launch!
    Stylish, compact, and cool photo phlipper.
    Of course, it’s all about the work, but we already know that wins. =)
    I presume the Smallbox favicon is a nod to the CMS? I think it’d look awesome with a micro bergamot in its place.

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