ucluelet detour

Thanks to those who came out to my birthday-show last weekend at Sunset, and also thanks to the performers who did a great job, and Jason @ Sunset for putting it all together. A great way to celebrate another trip around the sun!
Reading Malcolm Gladwell’s latest, Outliers right now. Not too much to say other than I find it to be his most interesting book yet, and I enjoyed Blink and the Tipping Point.
There’s a slight change to Pacific Front Sessions and the schedule – I will be doing a set for June and July in addition to the one I just posted last week. Additionally I will be doing a combined set with Formulate in August, and this will serve as our last Pacific Front Sessions radio show. That’s right, after 3 years we have decided to wrap up the show that has aired in every conceivable timeslot on Proton Radio. We think it has served its purpose well – we’ve had a lot of guests on the show from the Pacific North West and pushed the Pacific Front Recordings sound as well as many others – including influential producers for ourselves. I will keep my archive of mixes up in the mixes area and I plan on doing more guest mixes for other radio shows in the future.
All that said, there are still three more shows to go, and next month local legend Dub Gnostic will be joining me, as well as Big Dirt in July. As usual the information is available in the events section on the upper right hand page of this site. (Linked for people reading from an RSS reader.)
Finally one note about an upcoming show – I will be performing a sunrise set at the Soundwave Music Festival in Ucluelet, BC right on the ocean. I am very excited and I intend for it to be the essence of my Pacific Front Sessions mixes, as really it doesn’t get much more Pacific than this. This is the same Ucluelet that I named my Oceanography remix after.
Since my remix / production schedule has cleared right up, I’ve made time to do 2 remixes of Vince Vaccaro as my next music productions. Looking forward to getting into those since Vince has impeccable melodies and a fantastic voice.

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  1. PFS is done, eh? I get the feeling that Proton as a whole has become less enticing for bigger DJs, as many top shows and their proprietors are gone.
    Hooray for the Soundwave slot!! Hope you record your set… Fingers crossed. You’ll have to tweet whilst on the decks and tweetpic as well.
    Lastly – HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What, no party pictures?

  2. Happy Birthday Davinat0r! Sorry for missing out on your show. The Sasquatch had us by the throat.

  3. Happy belirthday, Davin!
    Congrats on the Soundwave gig. Top drawer.
    Vince Vaccaro remixes, eh? That’s awesome! I shyoor hope you post about those when they’re done.

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