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Was awesome last night.
But first: the coffee meet earlier in the night was fun. About 20 people came in total. Braeden was able to give out a bunch of flyers that people could use to get into Sugar for $10 with to see Jimmy Van M. He left a few too many, so we decided to get artistic with my black marker:
Jimmy Van Zorro by me:

Jimmy Van Mullet by Mr Gurns:

The opening DJ, Alex Joy, I had been wanting to see ever since I saw him on the flyer some time ago. He’s a local DJ. I have never heard of him until I saw him on the flyer and all of a sudden he was opening for Jimmy Van M. Wild.
Unfortunately Alex Joy was a disappointment, letting mixes slide and then cutting them out when it just wasn’t working. Sometimes he would not even cut them out. He was missing cue points and doing weird fades. His track selection was a bit much, playing peak time stuff for a good half an hour before Jimmy was supposed to go on, and then he played 10 minutes into Jimmy’s set.
One of the big reasons I am critical on this level is that Noble House has a tradition of having quality opening DJ’s like Jimbo, James Boatman and Pascal.
In any case, it must have been very exciting for Alex Joy to be opening up for a world class DJ like Jimmy Van M. Here’s a bit about Jimmy:

  • He has records and remixes out on Bedrock and Fluid
  • He’s with Balance and had a residency at Twilo
  • He put together Sasha & John Digweed’s Northern Exposure tours and club nights, as well as opening for the duo where ever they played on the tours for a good while

That should be enough.
Before he went on, I got him to sign my copy of Sanctuary:

Jimmy Van M came on and there was only smooth mixing for the rest of the night. It was not perfect but it was damn close – possibly one of the tightest sets I’ve heard. And his programming was wicked. He built it up slowly, starting with some house and moving slowly but surely into the progressive arena. About three quarters of the way into his set, he played The Ambush vs. Phools Inc – Assymetric which is a favorite choon of mine.. that was great. By the time 2 a.m. had come around he was playing progressive trance and it was awesome. Everyone cheered for the encore and he played a few more, his last one being the LSG remix of Humate’s classic “Love Stimulation.” Goooood choice!
I had been putting off seeing Jimmy Van M for quite some time — probably 3 or 4 years, but man is he good. If you ever get the chance to go see him, do it. He rocks.

Jimmy Van Who? by Mr Canes:

Jimmy Van Gershewitz by Nick:

Armand Van M by Walter:

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