owww my neck

my neck has been hurting real bad for the last 24 hours. some have suggested seeing the doctor, some have suggested seeing a chiropractor, but i want to try out acupuncture. it took 15 minutes to put my seatbelt on yesterday. i almost pulled over 4 times on the way home from work out of sheer pain. i made it into my haus and sat down on the couch for 4 hours and i couldn’t move. icing it helped, and sleeping relaxed the muscles. i think it is a pinched nerve, or something. if i turn my head the wrong way, it is very very painful, and so my neck tenses up as i don’t want to move the wrong way, and then the tenseness puts extra pressure on my neck and it gets worse. so sleep was good because i got to relax. i’ve had pain in my neck after sleeping the wrong way before but this is in a completely different league…

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  1. davin… seriously, call me.. You know I have back and neck problems all the time.. I’ve messed up my neck routinely, and I have a lot of suggestions to give you… Give me a shout k?

  2. Sorry to hear your neck is so sore. I know what it is like and it totally sucks. When my back gets that bad I see my physiotherapist and I feel a hundred times better when I walk out the door.
    The school of acupuncture downtown has super cheap sessions. Check it out if you are interested in that route.
    Also, make sure you are drinking lots of water! It will help flush out the tenseness in your muscles.

  3. dude – if you want accupuncture, dr. zhu is awesome. in the phonebook.
    and, of course, if you want incredible therapeutic massage (i.e. a registered massage therapist), go to SANDRA! she works at Cedar Hill Sports Therapy on Tues, Thurs and Friday, and at Vitality in Oak Bay on Wednesday’s. She’s usually booked up at Cedar Hill, but has openings at Vitality.
    In any case, I seriously hope it is better fast!

  4. Davin.. I am not completely sure from your description but it may be a muscle cramp/serious knot. Massage, water, and rest are good for it. I had a really similar problem a couple of years ago, couldn’t turn my neck to one side. Also, if it turns out that is the problem, make sure you keep your neck warm. Cold breezes on the neck are not good.

  5. been driving with the car window open lately?
    That is what my physio asked when I went in with a sore neck. cold breeze tightens one side of the neck and not the other, resulting in it being pulled to one side. Who knows what caused it though.
    Basically I think all of the above would work. Sorta personal preference, and individual results may vary ;P
    Good luck man!

  6. Have you tried ibuprofen? I know it sounds to simple, but give it a try, it works wonders. I used to get pains like that all the time, and it was credited to swollen tendons and muscles, in my neck, and also my shoulder was hurtin bad to. Good luck

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