thank you denis

what a perfect little party. everything you want it to be, nothing that you don’t. what, 30 people showed up.. perfect. only those who wanted to be there were there. not a straggler to be seen, not a scenester in the place. it cost denis $50 plus time to put on the show and it stands as one of my fav’s.
danny opened the dj sets for the night, playing some sick breaks .. really quite good. after danny, for me, djing was super enjoyable.. i got to playing breaks, downtempo-ish halftime breaks, and four on the floor into tech-trance and prog. everything i wanted. charles whooped everyone with some supreme techno — really fun to dance to, and an adrenaline rush to listen to. teddy followed up nicely with some fun faster paced house and breaks. i spent some time taking pix with jim and james. iso400, folks.
the weather tonight is the kind you tell everyone in the world about when you describe how great the summers here are. starry skies, warm breeze, and a t-shirt is enough to keep you warm. we left at around 3:15 a.m. and here i am 2.25 hours later posting pictures. sleep time now.. enjoy sunday day time everyone, i’ll be sleeping ’til i wake up.
good night.

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  1. Dammit, I really wanted to go to this, but I was on-call for work :P. Oh well.. maybe next time.

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