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seeing as how the weekend begins in 5 hours (!!!!!!!!!!), and almost everyone i know will be doing something SPECial this weekend.. i thought i better get this out now.
monday is the federal election. do you know your stuff? i don’t want to get into any crap like democratic duty, but if you don’t vote, do you think you have a right to complain about the government we are stuck with later? yes, there is not much to vote for — more to vote against — but it is time for us to make a choice. so get out there and make your decision on monday.
on that note, i want to make a recommendation to the folks that read this site to check out a local and excellent website called the public eye:
most, if not all the posts are by local Victoriaite Sean Holman, and — occassionally — you can hear him on the radio ( – 1070 on your AM dial) with david schreck and joe easingwood, who has had all the local politicians on the show (including the green party), all at once no less.
for someone like me who ordinarily finds politics quite dry and boring, these guys do a great job in bringing the goods to the table. they are easy to understand, very informed, and actually entertaining all at once. they are not boring, stuffed up, double-talking old men, like we see in the debates.
are you informed?

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  1. i’ve given this election more thought than any i’ve ever voted in. even now, i only have one party completely ruled out, before, i always knew even before the election was called who i was going to support. i also think our leadership is more important than ever, given what a disaster is happening just south of our border we’re going to have to rely on our leaders more than ever to maintain our principles and autonomy.

  2. NDP all the way baby! heh, I’m not one to worry about hiding my opinions and choices, so I have no quams telling people who I plan on voting for. The NDP are the closest (next to the bq, other than their separatist policies they are very socialist) to my own political leanings. I’ve voted in every election since I was able too. at that time I voted for the chretien’s liberals as they were more stable, imo, and also a stronger socialist element. However, I feel alienated by martin to a degree and I feel the direction he is taking the liberals will not be the one I would like to see. And Jack is someone who I feel is a strong leader and has powerful convictions even though he is aware that contritions may be required, especially in a minority government. It will be an interesting election to say the least.

  3. WOW!
    it’s great to see so much talk about the election amongst our generation. we may just get a good turn out for the under 30’s this time. my only hope is that people do do their research, this is not a guessing game.
    i’ve been doing a little looking around on a couple of forums that are mostly young people and i’ve heard a lot of people saying they will not vote NDP due to the fact that they were not a great government in BC the last time around.
    i’d just like to remind everyone that federal politics and provincial politics are very different. the provincial NDP and the federal NDP are two separate entities that, yes, share the same values and similar mandates but are different organizations.
    sorry for using you as a platform davin, i could have posted this myself.
    ps, see you tomorrow, i’ll find you and we can talky talky

  4. I know! Let’s vote in the Candidate with the best hair!
    j/k — NDP….Harper is too full of himself, and Martin is a flailer. I guess I’m just sick of hearing + seeing them?
    Besides, I saw Jack Layton on Pot TV. Who else has had the bollocks to appear there?

  5. I think people should pick the candidate they’d most want to sit down in a pub and have a beer with. That would no doubt be Jack Baby! Hell, I’d have him over for a dinner party; I think that guy is pretty cool.
    I guess I don’t need to tell you I’m voting NDP for the federal election. Definitely a different party than provincial. Same with Liberals. What I can’t understand is why so many people are apparently going to vote Conservative. *boogle* Way to go back to the dark ages!

  6. david schreck never gives anything but a completely biased opinion towards the NDP. Literally, ever. He’s been cornered on a number of issues on “Capital Gang” that I’ve listened to since they started having Jeff Bray on there with him and usually they have to cut to commercial or hit up the 8:30 news for him to get out of them. He does nothing but lambast other parties while thinking that Joy McPhail and now Carole James are the absolute queens of politics and can do no wrong.
    Joe Easingwood is hardly any better… he’s an absolutely pathetic excuse for a radio host (in the last year I’ve heard his cell phone go off four times while listening to the show) and he’s very biased toward his own political views as well. Combine this with Frank Stanford and most of the other CFAX crew and you’ve got a radio station that has the ears of most of Victoria to sit and tubthump for however they feel politics should be run. When it comes to politics, CFAX is a steaming load of crap in my books.

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