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last night was one of Those nights. you know, the ones where you’re thinking about who is there, not who isn’t there. saturday, december 21st, being the longest day of the year, meant that it was time for a celebration. so, celebrate we did. we went to the [censored] winter solstice party at [censored].
i am amazed that

  1. it actually started, and
  2. it actually finished when it was supposed to.

last night, something happened that couldn’t really happen before the advent of blogs. i met aaron – only when i met him, i thought i already knew him because his face was familiar and i knew a bunch about him from what he has written on his website.
aaron works with adrian ( at a place called Wondermill. reading aaron’s website makes me envious that i’m not working there. it sounds like a really exciting place to be working! being a designer/marketer/geek, it’s exactly what i’m looking for in terms of employment. i am itching to use some of my skills, experience and education for a business like The Mill which seems to have a great grasp on what corporate culture really means, and what it can really mean. anyways, i digress.
it was super neat to meet him after reading his site and poking through photos a bunch. it’s been almost exactly, if not exactly, a year since i met the first person who i didn’t know, yet i read their blog. his name is jim, someone who i now consider to be a good friend. so this blog stuff, i say, is A Good Thing. i now have my own. i didn’t even really consider doing a year ago. i am not much of a writer. things don’t really ever flow for me, at least not the way i hear Writers talk about. i mean, it’s sort of flowing for me now, but this doesn’t count, does it? i am talking about not having those moments of words flowing from my brain. uh, this is a paradox! eeeeeeeeeeek!
a bunch of time ago, i had written this post. i was just about done when i hit the “numlock” button on my keyboard, which doubles up as the “clear” button. the LED was on on the numlock.

  • LED on on the numlock = annoying
  • clearing your entire post that you’ve spent about 30 minutes on = slightly more than really stupid

haha, whoops. i think this post is better than the last one. i am not certain however, as i have no way of checking. i’m saving drafts of it every few paragraphs now. does anyone else accidently nuke their creative work every now and then? what do you do? do you just leave it, or do you try to create again? is it better, or is it worse?

yes. that’s right. i stole them!
vua ha ha ha ha!

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  1. Innovative composition = great shot-making. Good work, nice hues. Unfortunately, my old Sony digicam’s focus is too sensitive to humidity, and few turned out well. I often digitally clean and correct shots later, but when Zita comes out to play with us, I find her shots need no further enhancement. Viva Austria. ps merry/happy!

  2. love the photos! but most of the photos are pretty dark on my monitor. which is odd, because photos aren’t usually dark on my monitor. perhaps my monitor is sketchy?!
    the one where you stole julie and i is fantaaaastic.

  3. Yeah, great pics!
    It was great to meet you last night Davin. I had the same feeling of knowing you way out of proportion to the few words we tossed back and forth. 🙂 Blogs are pretty sweet that way.

  4. devon.. mac and windows have different default gamma settings .. i’ll have to take a look on someone elses computer and then make adjustments to some of the pix if necessary.. otherwise these are unaltered, straight from the canon. there are some dark pix (like dark devon) but you should still be able to make stuff out..

  5. great pictures davin! some are too dark on my monitor as well. like the dark one of jim and the one you liked of the group, i can hardly make out anything at all in those pics.

  6. ahh, what i like about the dark one is that .. basically you can see the side of this guy’s head, and not much else. it’s a dark blue glow, which looks neat. . but if you can’t even see that! i’ll have to do something…

  7. Hey davin,
    If you are looking to tune up your photos for multiple platforms and you are using a Mac, check out:
    Gamma Toggle lets you jump between default Mac OS and Windows gamma settings on the fly so you can find a nice balance so all comers to your website can see your cool shots (and devon does not have to think her monitor is sketchy).

  8. Dude! Where were you last night? Padre said he had spoken to Yoseff earlier in the night about the “awesome set” he was going to spin and everything, then we get to Hush and the doors are locked! I was so looking forward to finally checking your show out…

  9. Unfortunately the night has been cancelled. Sorry that I didn’t post about it on here but I didn’t find out until about 8 pm that it wasn’t going to be going on. It just didn’t work out. 🙁

  10. No link-love for me? :::)
    Heh. You’ve met me a few times, before, but I dunno if you know me as jesteR or not. I work with mischiff and Aaron as well. In fact, i sit next to Adrian.

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