xmas eve

yeah, it’s xmas eve!
pictured above is 2 TPYAKC representatives. the photo was taken last week at Chlorine .. which was the last week of Chlorine. not enough people were coming out to justify the club night continuing. on one hand i’m sad because it never really worked out. on the other hand, i’m happy to have had the opportunity to try for 3 months to make it happen. brent and braeden went out of their way to help me and yoseff put this night on and i’m thankful for that.
that being said…
…i wonder what santa is going to bring me.
i really don’t know!
hopefully some CDrs. can never go wrong with a giant spindle of CDrs. but .. i really don’t know. i just visited a friend and she had a bunch of family over. probably about 30 or some of them. it was so festive .. pretty nice atmosphere. and i met a water lizard named ‘fossil.’ i think i want a water lizard. they’re cool looking, and pretty calm. it crawled on top of my head and hung out there for a while. it didn’t really move.
i’ll be doing the family thing on boxing day in nanaimo.
that should be lovely!

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