i am making a victoria blog page

if you have a blog and you’re from victoria, or you live in victoria, email me at daving@shaw.ca with your name and website URL! 🙂
oh yeah .. for christmas, i gave myself a MySQL server and i already have a database set up. how leet is that? i have to start learning PHP again so i can interface it with this site. i started learning a long time ago when dev0n tried to teach me, but i forget all i learned. plus it was harder to learn, not having a server to connect to and all that. having my own MySQL server set up makes the purpose of PHP much more tangible. it will also be useful for one of my other projects that i’m involved with, www.ravevictoria.com. although development on that site is pretty slow, it should pick up in the spring. if there are any more raves, that is.
i also gave myself U2’s ‘elevation’ tour DVD. i wish they made a zooTV DVD, but all i can find is the VHS pieceofcrap. U2 is my favorite band and they sucked me right into their musical vortex with Achtung Baby. ahh, i am still kicking myself for not going to see the zooTV tour when it came to Vancouver about a decade ago. dough!
the picture above is of a type of brace that holds two pieces of glass together at most hockey rinks. the rink that this picture was shot at is the panorama leisure center out near the pat bay highway.
ps: if you know of a victoria blogger with a site, please pass the message on that i’m putting together a victoria blog webpage.
pls k thx bye!

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  1. On Livejournal (which is where I have mine – I’m not computer-savy enough to do one like yers) there is a Victoria community (www.livejournal.com/~victoria_BC), if that’s anything like what you’re looking for?

  2. blogtoria.com?
    i think it’s a great idea, it’s pretty much impossible to find local bloggers, and from other cities where it’s been done, it’s really fostered a sense of community.
    actually, it’s funny, we already have a sorta community, of the few blogs i read, most are in vic or van and most of the personalities behind them i know personally. i don’t think i’m alone in this. i also think that a lot of us can trace our blogging roots to someone nearby. my inspiration came from julie, and i think that that inspiration carried on to at least a couple of others.
    and if you need some help with the sql, i seem to remember i know how to do that.
    select * from bloglist where blog_id=”girlrepair”…..

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