hallowe’en is coming

one week! one week! i gotta get my costume together this weekend!!
resonance is featuring hallowe’en tracks today, the spookier variety. myself and nick have picked out some massive hallowe’en tracks for your enjoyment today! no mixing, just the goods my friends.
i went to a toastmasters meeting last night. it was really interesting — it was everything i hoped it would be. a really positive environment with learning and fun involved. yes please.
i am writing to warm up today. i just finished a brief photoshoot and that was really quite cool. got some good shots in for a new website and that’s exciting stuff! plus it’s very interesting to enter someone else’s world visually, especially if they’re doing a visual art themselves.
now i gotta get into the land of productivity. bye bye!

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  1. i need to go to a toastmasters meeting soon too. yep.
    i was looking for a hat for you, but i didn’t find one. leslie and i got our costumes this week. we’re gonna be kick ass hot. aww yeah!
    come skating on sunday with us if you can please! otherwise, have a rad weekend dav.

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