october sunset

after days of rain and no hope of sun, it was actually sunny last night just before sunset. i phoned up jim after work, with specific intent, and off we went to ogden point.

the port of victoria

the unlit lights at ogden point

the birds of bold endurance

the last helijet of the evening
speaking of helijets, they look like so much fun! i want to go .. but the $150 one way to vancouver price is a bit hefty. i wonder if i can trade them drink tickets from sweetwaters, 11 stones, neptune, or the press room for a a helicopter ride.
by 8 pm last night it seemed like it was 11 pm. we went by jimi fritz’s, hung out a bit and had a rather broad conversation that included topics ranging from the usefulness of platinum to the number one hacky-sacker in the UK (which would be jimi’s son Dylan). we talked about a lot but jimi wouldn’t tell me where the hallowe’en party is — it’s a secret! even his other son noah doesn’t know. wooo! whee! exciting!
note to self: bring over copy of LSG’s “Into The Deep” for jimi to listen to.
other note: return the Peter Benisch “Sountrack Saga” cd to charles. 9/10!

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  1. The HeliJet is way Fun.
    I have taken it from Vancouver (harbour) to Victoria and back. Fights first thing in the morning are cheaper (I got mine for $120, I think) but you get to sit with a bunch of stuffy Government suits who don’t care if they get a window seat (one up side).
    The strangest thing (after flying in airplanes so much) is you just go up – no take off. I would fly with them again.
    I am thinking about a Victoria-Seattle run.

  2. hey that would be fun. Seattle for the day is good times. Last time I drove there for the day and only got about 2 or 3 hours in before having to leave to make sure we wouldn’t miss the last ferry to the island. 11 hours of driving, 2 hours of seattle. not so cool!

  3. The flight time from Victoria to Vancouver is 35 minutes but based on the HeliJet site they don’t do a Victoria-Seattle. Nothing says romance more than taking a date over to Vancouver for the day (you get dropped off right below the Fairmont Waterfront hotel, right downtown. Make sure to hit Yaletown for some funky DJ/dance clothing and check out the teeeny Mini dealership.
    When I was in Vancouver, I took my lady to Victoria for the weekend via Helijet. Helped make for an enjoyable trip.
    Take your camera- I am sure you’ll be able to snap lots of pictures even on just a short flight. Buckle up cause there is some vibration in-flight.

  4. Hi Dav, Sweetwater tickets. I will give you my first born if you can get me some drink and door tickets to Sweetwaters.

  5. are you guys just joking about not knowing where the hallowe’en event is? i *think* i know where it is, but obviously i’m not 100 percent sure. i thought the rumours had gone around already…

  6. while i was up north creekwalking recently i got to know a couple of bush chopper pilots.they both were good guys and could party like frat boys,coked-up irish frat boys.if you’re going to go on a chopper ride davin,to get on the pilots good side bring a 24 of kokanee and a 40 pounder of appletons 151 proof rum.from what i could tell,those two fine beverages are the drink of choice for b.c. helicopter pilots.nice pics.cheers.

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