architect plug-and-play mindshare

i was thinking about matrix vertical e-services for a while, and how they could help synergize enterprise deliverables while incubating 24/365 action-items on an aggregate wireless technologies front. but then i was all about brand compelling infrastructures and the theme behind the architecture for plug-and-play mindshare (blogs) and how they have helped everyone unleash 24/7 interfaces and essentially incentivized interactive communities.
ladies and gentlemen, go nowhere without your web economy bull[bleep] generator.
btw: i am reading almost everyone’s site through RSS feeds now.. so if you don’t have one.. you need to get one! here is a link to my RSS feeds:
/blog/index.xml (RSS 0.91)
/blog/index.rdf (RSS 1.0)
folks on diaryland or blog-city etc don’t have RSS (yet) AFAIK. keep on waiting, or move to moveabletype.

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  1. I have absolutely no idea what you said in the first paragraph… I need a translat0r 🙂
    Secondly, after seeing the RSS feed example, I sure dont want to read everyone’s blog like that, that’s for sure, cuz it looks like hell. I don’t understand why anyone would want it really….. why not just go to the person’s blog, where they have the site designed the way they want you to see it?

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