natural pecking order

i feel like i should be writing a welcome paragraph to this post. it is my most massive picture post yet. thanks for the comments encouraging me to post them all at once. here they are — 41 of my best pictures from this weekend past. it was one of the funnest weekends i have had in some time.
oh, and i know what i am going to be for hallowe’en! woo! thank you juliekevinlesliejames!
since this is a massive picture post, you’ll always be able to find it in the massive picture post listing to the right! new and improved!

“this plant didn’t need water to grow, it just needed some creativity” – cecelia on friday night, 1 a.m.

friday night – upstairs cabaret.. why?

this is why! dj mischiff exposed the masses to the new breakbeat mix of Underworld’s classic ‘Born Slippy’

cecelia, downtown

the grass was greener than ever in victoria on saturday after the heaviest ever one day rainfall on thursday and continuing dampness on friday

saturday, darth vader came to victoria.. but the grass didn’t appear to be green at all!

darth vader resorts to playing his sad song on the violin. such a dreadful state we’re in thanks to the current bc government. there there, darth vader, there there.

i met up with my world-traveller friend emily on saturday at christie’s pub for lunch. saturday evening i went for dinner with emily and friends at hugos.

mamma shorthouse, laura, emily, saila, corinne

davin emily saila

emily saila corinne

emily and her sister laura

laura emily saila davin corinne
went to hush right after to see DekoZe spin!

julie spotted in the crowd at hush!

justin and emmy

walter and jim.. you’ve heard of two headed snakes.. here is a two headed tech-bot!

braeden djing at hush

cecelia and emmy

brent carmichael at hush

the worlds funniest blogger, daveyb

cam and trevor held their eyes open long enough for this photo

james and james — rave victoria and rave culture

the ebullient carey

me and kevin

keoni (the angry samoan) is back from australia!

dekoZe spins his special brand of madness

dj’s braeden and dekoze discuss some matter of sound advise

german mike trances. or something!

watch your head, sir..

it was emmy’s birthday on saturday night! after midnight to be precise.. happy birthday emmy!

the crowd was loving it for good reason

me and dekoZe

the dancefloor ambience

james presents Le Hair (4 am)

leslie observes Something late saturday night (5 am). this is from saturday afternoon after lunch with emily.. i went over to jims. he turned his fan on because it was really hot in his apartment for some reason. his fan sucked ladybugs in!

jim brought out the spotlight.

i brought the macro shot.

the natural pecking order.. calico and the ladybug.
so there it is. i may make a wallpaper / desktop out of that last picture there, i really quite like it. please leave your comments on the pictures. i know there is a lot of people shots — i know a lot of people!

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  1. Hey Davin, nice shots! I didn’t know you knew the Shorthouses. I went to school with them during junior high, not that I knew them very well though. That is a weird coincidence anyways.
    I totally didn’t recognise you on Sunday downtown with your shades. I did the big double-take. Ah well, I have to work out my neck anyways ;).
    Btw, that pic of DaveyB is very… flaterring, haha. I really like some of your slow shutter speed clubbing shots though. Can’t wait to see the rest!

  2. Wow, those ladyboy pictures are amazing Davin!
    Thanks for the brief but valuable camera lesson on Saturday. I am going to sit down with one of those manuals in the next little while methinks.

  3. Very nice good sir. The strobe pics are hot, and of course the ladybug picks rawk. And um…if you ever need a wingman when going to dinner with a covey of women, I’m your man:)

  4. wow wow wow. So cool. I was loving your pictures ( very cool ‘watch your head mr’ and loved the ‘mouse over emily’ ) and then i hit the ladybug pics and was floored. an awesome finale to what looks like a great night (or two ). thanks for sharing!

  5. schweeet! the pics are fab, and reveal your obviously uberradzopecore weekend. that’s a great one of you and kev (it seems it’s pretty difficult to get a good picture of kevin). love the mouse over emily shot(s), love the club shots (esp. the one of you and dekoze), love the ladybug pics (esp. the last one. i’d love a copy for my desktop please thank you). the one of leslie is good too. looks like she’s nekkid!

  6. i have to agree with you davin that last shot could easily make it as a desktop pic. i can’t imagine how you can handle knowing so many people heh, crazyness:)

  7. davin,my giant sedinesque head and attaching afro would like to thank you for posting some great photos.the one of you and kev accurately portrays the mood of the evening,the ones of the ladybug are hypnotic.oh and cows do drink milk.cheers!

  8. wow, incredible photos davin!! some crazy-awesome shots! watch out for the two headed tech-bot! i /love/ the ladybug pic too can i have it for my desktop plzkthx. 😀

  9. for the sake of sweet Jesus candy filled bonbons in the bulk isle of Fairways! you’ve done it again. you have distracted me from a hum drum monday morning of email and nic fits. Thanks.
    now,Could you help me do the FreeSpirit Update for god’s sake. i don’t even care if you spit on me again.
    p.s- davin is my boss. please send all your sympathy and money to

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