cleaning up

it seems like i am cleaning up every day these days. i mean wtf. anyone that has seen my living space will disagree with the existence of a mess, but that doesn’t mean that the stuff i have is organized.
it really isn’t..
but i am getting there. really.
anyways i am getting ready for the special night on friday and i’ve got most of my costume ready. it’s gonna rock!
i also have narrowed my djing set down to about 500 records. uh. crap. in about 2 hours i have time to play about 20 of those 500. decisions, decisions. i dunno man. i am just listening to a lot of them right now and i can’t decide. well, the good thing is that i can decide later. yeah! i am gonna do that instead.
for some reason i have found some serious satisfaction in finding a record that sounds like satoshi tomiie but isn’t satoshi tomiie. yeah! that rules. forbidden planet – holding on to you. yus!!
… [20 minutes pass] …
i am coming across a bunch of great music that i forgot i had. and some other music that i have that i thought would be good for this occassion .. but i have listened to it, and it isn’t the right mood.
ahh, here is the right mood. the light – panfried. yes!
by the way, if you have some pocket change lying around, you may want to check out this bit on eBay — a Pulsed Plasma Mobile Hydrogen Generator!! that’s right kids. break open your piggy bank. you could be the talk of the town.
think of all the cool places you could put such a thing. personally i would be mounting it on a helmet that i could wear while DJing. the ultimate in sophistication and individuality.
later on tonight i am going to go to maria and yoseff’s where i am meeting up with justin to listen to the formulate remix of magnetic! these are exciting times — for this i am practically giddy. i can’t wait to hear it!

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  1. panfried mmmmmmmmmmmmm. If that’s what you’re setting the mood with it’s gonna be interesting to say the least:). Damn, do I ever want that Pulsed Plasma Mobile Hydrogen Generator! How did you find that on ebay? what keywords did you use in your search lol. now I wonder if fraud protection can even begin to cover something like that heh.

  2. hey davin,very much looking forward to hearing you spin on friday.knowing you’ll push the massive to place’s we want to go is a comforting feeling for a tuesday.i’d request something but i’m quite sure my request’s have even less of an impact than kev’s.cheers.

  3. I seem to remember you raving about “Clocks” by Coldplay not too long ago (heck, I have a vague memory of you posting the lyrics, “highschool-girl-livejournal style”(TM)… but perhaps I’m wrong)
    Anyways, I ran into this site, and thought you might like it:
    Apparently “Clocks” was inspired by “Wilhelm Tell” a play by Friedrich Schiller

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