above the city

these are some pictures from the sunset tonight. i went with charles paul. our vista was the local hill known as mt. doug.
it really looked nice up there. my friend nathan sometimes brings up his laptop and fires up reason and makes music. i’d like to be able to do that — the view is really inspiring.

i went over to justin’s (formulate) afterwards and checked out his remix of magnetic. magnetic is caveman, caveman is magnetic. basically it was called caveman as a code / project name. every cool project has a code name, doncha know.
macro night rock
maus over for those without the benefit of a sweet LCD display
anyway he’s just about finished it and it really really rocks. i can’t wait to play it out. plus justin is handling the mastering of the original mix which is great! i picked up some mastering tricks from him tonight so sooner or later i will be mastering my own tracks again.

charles paul is remixing the track as well — i hope to hear his remix soon. i’m pretty excited about sending this track out to labels and DJ’s with the remixes as well.

i have tonnes of pictures to post from the last few days. my camera has both batteries fully charged, so i may have even more by the time i get around to posting more.
i am headed to nanaimo in the morning so i’ll have to end this post here!

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  1. I can’t wait to get a chance to hear caveman. I mean with all the hype you’ve got my expectations up:) and how does having a sweet lcd display make the pictures look any different? but it’s a cool effect, as it kinda makes the picture turn into a daytime shot of the ocean taken from the level of the sand/rock.

  2. Ooooooooooo! me likee pictures, specially the first and last of that strip. Both are very well composed. Make sure your batts are charged for Specowe’en cuz I’m going to give you something to shoot in the chill room.

  3. Hey Dav, sorry I didn’t call you back on Saturday! I didn’t even notice I had a message until late last night. We’ll be in contact soon, however. And then there’s Friday night! WOO! =)

  4. james1: well i hope you have high expectations! jeez!! 😉 LCD’s have different brightness / colors. you can see stuff on an LCD that you can not see on a CRT. it’s (basically) true.
    denis: thank you — my batteries will definitely be charged for friday night! 😉 i look forward to seeing more of your displays!
    krishen: thank you. i am looking forward to playing it for everyone as well!
    kev: the word on the costume is that it is a go! i got most of it down. the shirt was the hard part. and the decision to go without a jacket. well if i find an exceptionally perfect one, then i’ll go with that. otherwise, yeah, it’s there. woot! i was only in nanaimo for 2.5 hours on work, otherwise i would have contacted you for sure!
    neil: i did!
    james2: friday night! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

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