resonance: charles paul & the devils advocate

this is the tracklisting for resonance, on 101.9 FM CFUV in victoria. i host it with nick, and we have some guest DJ’s. this friday night it started at 10:30 PM and it continues to go until 3 AM.
Featured intro mix: DJ Bedlam – Live @ Spec (30 mins)
Featured mix: Charles Paul / Chompers Dubs

  • Geoff, White & Dialogue – Dialogue, Tongues [Geoff White Rework] (Intergroove)
  • Steve Walker vs. Theorem – UR Forms (Minus)
  • Dimbiman – Toyl (Perlon)
  • Jackmate – Do San (Philpot)
  • Chompers dubs – Slifty (Unreleased)
  • Someone Else + Mistake – Rip It Cookie Muenster (Foundsound)
  • Osbourne – Graphite (Spectral)
  • Futago Technologies – Damaged (Futago Technologies)
  • Studio 1 – Green Side A Track A (Studio 1)
  • Chompers dubs – Panty Thief (Unreleased)
  • Lucien-N-Luciano – Remix for Amael [Ricardo Villalobos Remix] (Peacefrog)
  • Adam Marshall – Kings & Heroes (Antennae)
  • Stockholm Decadence – Panic Button [Hitoshi Ohishi remix] (Frogman)
  • Robin Porter & Jasper – Compromise (Immigrant)
  • Cabanne – Can’t Stand (Seventh City Records)
  • Matt Thibideau – Love Letter is like a Bullet from a Gun (Cynosure)
  • Ozy – Smartrass (Thule)
  • Ric Y Martin – Froebel (Perlon)
  • Michael Mayer – 17 & 4 [Auftrieb Remix] (Kompakt)
  • Robert Hood – Untitled 5 (M)

Featured mix: The Devils Advocate

  • Martin Accorsi and Tim Skinner – Playing for Silence (Bedrock)
  • Quivver and Sutton – Cold Rush [Mix A] (Electric Music People)
  • Tony Thomas – Butterfly (Purpose Records)
  • Satoshi Tomiie – Love In Traffic [Dark Path] (White Label)
  • Vampires – Live In The Light [Evolved Trip] (Plastica)
  • Sasse – The Time Together (White Label)
  • Diamond Dogs – Nothing Else [Trafik remix] (Climax Recordings)
  • BT – Never Gonna Come Back Down [Hybrid Dub] (Nettwerk)
  • U-Facilities and Sciatica – Free My Soul [Steve Lawler Edit] (Harlem)
  • Paris and Sharp – Do Anything (Orient)
  • Aloud – Sex and Sun [Eric Prydz remix] (Open)
  • K-Klass featuring Kinane – Talk 2 Me [Kidstuff Vocal mix] (Soul Underground Soul Unity)
  • Andain – Beautiful Things [Josh Gabriel] (Black Hole)
  • Rhythm Unlimited – All I Wanna Do (Silver Planet)
  • Gadgets – Go There (White Label)
  • Henrik B – Hardwired (Illgorhythm)
  • Hybrid – I’m Still Awake [Christian J remix] (Distinctive)
  • Ben Camp – Burial Ground (Silver Planet)
  • Inner System – Soul Trade [Nugen vs. Archer remix] (SOG Chrome)
  • Danny Howells – Sexmachine (Sexonwax)
  • Inkfish – How Can I Believe [Martin H remix] (White Label)
  • Greed & Van Bellen – City Lights [Matthew Dekay remix] (SOG)
  • Ericke – Make You Smile [Dr. Kucho remix] (Little Mountain Recordings)
  • Stisch featuring Magnus Carlson – Beauty In Me [Barfly remix] (Sound of Habib)
  • DJ Phantom – Nobody (White Label)

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  1. Speaking of “live @ Spec” … how hard would it be to record the show tomorrow? I would love to have a copy of a live show like that (of everyone’s sets)… wow, that would be a whole lot o’ music!

  2. hey thanks Davin!
    Awesomeness! I appreciate it! I hope you like the CD… Burn at will my friend…
    Niki – I agree it is an awesome thing to be able to listen to a great party over and over… With any luck someone will be able to record tonight for you. If all else fails, and/or you like what you heard, by all means get in touch and I’ll make you a copy of this one.

  3. yus! hanging out is good stuff. I’ve been wondering exactly the same thing about you and class doesn’t start till the 8th, so there is ample time in which we can get together to have some fun. I know for sure I’m going to hush to see Davin and Hybrid play on the fifth (by myself if I have too heh, but I think I can drag some people with) and something before that would be cool. sometime this week mayhaps:)

  4. Wow, that track listing for Charles Paul show is just killing me. I would love to hear it. Anyone have a copy? Charles, we got to hook up sometime and it would be great to meet you davin before you take off? I keep my ears on for next weeks show.

  5. Tleilaxu – Indisguise

    Artist: Tleilaxu Title: Indisguise Label: Unfoundsound
    Track Listing: 01. Just A Thought, 02. Strange Playground, 03. Just A Thought (Fusiphorm Remi…

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