ooooooooooooh working on websites is good fun when one has new toys!
i have been macking in macromedia fireworks mx and i believe i have come up with, what one would call, cool [bleep]. i am manipulating shots that i’ve taken with my new camera. i have been doing graphic design for a long time and, i have to say, having your own source of photographs and imagery to play with is probably better than anything else. totally roolish — no more stealing pictures off of the internet for design purposes. i stayed up all night the other night working on this site, trying to make it rad, yet just as functional as this site without looking exactly the same. fashion is not that far from function in my world.
so in any case, it’s just about done, i think. maybe a few graphical tweaks, nothing major though. and all the changes cascade by this point. yeeeeeah!

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