may day weekend photos

i’m not sure how much i have to write about, but i definitely will show you the pictures. i’ll start with friday night, which featured a gig at sugar that i had been looking forward to for some time.

djing @ kube. picture by julie.

the end of the night
the gig went pretty well, although my mixing wasn’t as hot as i would have liked. that’s what i get for going on stage and being hungry still. i should have gone to the brickyard for pizza before .. not after. mmm.. pizza..

i am knot sure what is going on here!
the next day was saturday.. and although i have no pictures from saturday, i can tell you that it effected my pictures on sunday. saturday night i went to the 11:11 showing of the Matrix Reloaded. i expected greatness, i got greatness. lovely flick. sunday morning at 8:30 i was up and leaving for lake cowichan after only about 4 hours of sleep.

grampa’s front yard. there happened to be a car show in lake cowichan that day and it kept me semi-conscious for a bit.

how fast is that? i’d post pictures but none of the cars were incredibly unique..

no tours? 🙁 i went up to the local earth station but it was all fenced off. i’d like to come to this place on a full moon.

the dishes are quite large — there’s a staircase going up behind that big one. after looking at the dishes for a bit it was time to go to nanaimo to visit my aunt and uncle.

my little cousins really like the camera. cheyenne especially likes making up music videos where she sings original material in an original language. too cute! my aunt spoiled me at dinner time as she did the whole time i stayed with her while i was working for bc hydro. it was weird being in that room again, just for the night.

greg and lexi. i was ultra tired but for some reason i decided to go out. i got in touch with greg and later we were engulfing cups of coffee with his friend lexi. after some fries and coffee, we went to the press room for dizzy’s clubnight called “atmosphere.” there were lots of people up from victoria .. kinda weird how much the island has seemed to have shrunk. nanaimo used to seem so far away.. not anymore.

mary and karen.. used to look exactly alike. no more.

andy and greg.


a few from the top.. check out the one person standing perfectly still on the dance floor. this is a 15 second time exposure.. weird. apparently dj veronica didn’t move him.

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  1. hey, nice pics! i especially like the knot one. and the flower from grampa’s yard, that totally reminds me of being there. the one of you dj’ing is pretty good too. and cheyenne’s super cute!

  2. why yes, that one of you djing is Sweet, if i don’t say so myself. haha! glad you got a few that were okay–using digital is freaking weird. your little cousin is a Super Cutie! i let my grand niece take pictures with my camera on the weekend. she thought it was great fun! except now i have about five out-of-focus pictures of me. well, she’s only two!

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